Wall lights

Colonial lighting & copper wall lights

 colonial lighting and copper lighting wall lights come with Antique seeded glass unless specified clear      ( These lights are for out door lighting use ) Round Bars optional               Copper or brass    Note copper has been discontinued

where the bars are flat on lights. See Home page for shipping cost.      No returns on lacquered items

Bars on lights can be omitted   Note finishes are different due to lighting glare see finish page for more

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Description-  -   -  -  - Note

Brass reflector can be omitted if required

on wall lights-We can blacken the nut if requested at no extra cost





colonial lighting



  The Midget copper lighting with pyramid top comes with seeded glass not showed

Its 12 in. high  X  5 in. wide  X  5-1/2 in. deep Max. 60 watt bulb.

Attractive colonial lighting. Round bars optional




Midget wall light with bonnet top is 11" high and 5" wide 5-1/2" deep with seeded glass. 60 watt. max.

The finish you see is AB  # 1-- Lacquered


colonial lighting


 The Lg. Danbury colonial lighting 2 light elec. with bars also available with out bars upon you are looking at AB # 2 finish 60 watt bulbs Max.

 request. Its  17 in. high X 7-1/2 wide  X 6-1/4 in. deep.

Also available as copper lighting.




copper lighting


  This Bristol colonial lighting with bracket 2 light elec. with seeded glass showed.

  It is 22 in. tall and  7-1/2 in. wide  X  6-1/2 in. deep.

Also available as copper lighting.



copper lighting

719 LG


719 SM

This colonial lighting 3 light cluster comes with seeded glass not showed. It is  22.5 in. tall  X 10 in. wide X  11 in. deep. Also available as copper lighting.

Same as above except smaller and 2 light cluster. Size is 20" high 8-1/2 wide 9" deep






wall lights

A--2 LG

 The Mayors  Mansion  copper lighting 3 light wall elec. with antique seeded glass not showed.

Round bars optional

 Its 24 in. tall  X  10 in. wide  X 9-1/2 in. deep.

Attractive colonial lighting. (This is # 1 AC finish)



A--2 -SM-new This is a smaller version of the large A-2 ,it is 18" high 7 W. and 7-1/2 deep your looking at Antique brass or AB # 2 finish without the bracket it is 15-1/4" high-- with out the top bracket it does not change the cost   150.00









wall lights

   91  Our small Danbury colonial lighting comes with seeded glass 2 candelabra sockets elec. You see finish # 2        Max. 40 watt bulbs

  Its 14" high and 5-1/2" W. X 5" deep.

Also available as copper lighting.


   as    Picture  120.00

wall lights

  85  Framers colonial lighting with seeded glass 2 light. Its 17" high X 5-3/4" wide X 4-1/2"deep. Your looking at finish # 2.

Also available as copper lighting.



 Large Danbury wall light with 3 candelabra sockets with max. 40 watt bulbs or 2- 40 watt and 1-60 watt, it's 21-1/2" high and 10-3/8" wide and 6" deep Mounting hole 5-5/8"  from bottom. Also available with round cross Rods instead of flat the same for all wall lights. You are looking at AC  # 2 finish

Attractive colonial lighting.



 JL 93


 Ranchers wall light with oval reflector. Comes with seeded glass not seen in this picture. Max. 60 watt bulbs. Size is 17" high 5" deep and 7"wide not including cross bars with bars included it's 8" wide and 51/2' deep. Bulbs not included    

as Picture 140.00



small ranchers wall light it is 14" high and 5-1/2 wide x 5" deep 2-- 40 watt bulbs max.    


108-W  Barn lantern wall light Comes with 3 light elec. and  antique seeded glass. It is 24" high and 8-1/2"Wide and 8-3/4" Deep   250.00
323-D This called the Dr. lantern 1 light elec. for hard wiring to wall. Its in the AT finish.  For exterior use AB  Its 16-1/2" high and 5" wide & 5-1/2 deep. Has door on front and antique seeded glass 75.00 90.00